CONNECT – Mismatched Placements & Un-provisioned students

CONNECT – Mismatched Placements / Un-provisioned students / insufficient hours

The Changing Education Group is proud to present a series of webinars to support you in making the most of our partnership whilst harnessing our leading software platform and mobile app.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Connect Software functionality, including key developments which have been designed to enhance the user journey. Through our market research phase, we have improved user functionality.

Why should I watch the video?
This week we will be focusing on ensuring your data is accurate for reporting by showcasing the data warning tools. This includes notifications to highlight Mismatched Placements, Un-provisioned students, and Students with Insufficient placement hours.

Mismatched Placements warning and correction functionality.
Un-provisioned student’s warning and correction functionality.
Students with Insufficient placement hours reporting.

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