Matrix Standard Accreditation since 2017

The Changing Education Group secured the Matrix Standard Accreditation in 2017

“We are very proud of our Careers Advisors and our Wider Careers Provision. The accreditation is a testament to the hard work of our delivery staff and their commitment to support students in making informed decisions about their transition into further education and employment. During the pandemic, our careers staff have continued to offer support to educators and students to minimise the impact on young people as they make choices that will affect their working lives.”
Matthew Hodgkinson (Director/Co-founder)

What is the matrix Standard? Want to know more? click this link
It is the international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice, and/or guidance (IAG). Either as their sole purpose or as part of their service offering.
The matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the quality of the delivery of high-quality information, advice, and guidance. The DfE supports the matrix Standard as the quality framework for accrediting information, advice and guidance contracts including the National Careers Service, its subcontractors, and other services delivered on behalf of the Education Skills Funding Agency.

It helps providers to improve their services by benchmarking against best practice and it offers accreditation to those that meet the full standard. When an independent Assessor confirms that all criteria are met, the organisation becomes an accredited organisation and can display the matrix quality mark to demonstrate that it offers high quality IAG services.

The matrix Standard is an outcome-based standard. This means that an Assessor will look not only at processes used to support IAG delivery but also at results achieved.

What this means for our clients?
The Matrix Standard accreditation ensures The Changing Education Group provides our clients with exceptional services. Furthermore, offers the reassurance and confidence that our delivery programmes, software, and staff are continually working towards best practice through critical analysis and reflection, to maximise the outcomes for students.

Key Messages from our most recent assessment
“A high level of engagement and support was found among schools’ staff, and the management and Career’s advisers make positive contributions to ensuring an open and collaborative culture prevails”.

“Careers Advisers are confident and competent in adapting their working patterns to suit the needs of individual schools”.

“It is now evident that there is an embedded approach to managing change. Managers and staff routinely consider when planning change and improvements the potential risks, and they incorporate formal or informal piloting as “business as usual”. This has the effect of ensuring that new approaches are likely to succeed before being fully rolled out, without deterring the innovative thinking of key staff.”

“Very good use of technology and constant consideration for other uses of online solutions was evident throughout the Assessment.”

Matrix Assessment Report 2019 You can read the full report here……………………………

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