CONNECT Weekly Newsletter – 12/02/2021

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Wednesday 12th Febuary 2021

This week is all about: 

  • CONNECT Web Platform and Mobile App Webinars 
  • Education & Training
The Changing Education Group is proud to present a series of webinars to support you in making the most of our partnership whilst harnessing our leading software platform and mobile app, these sessions have been recorded to act as learning resources. We will continue to host the weekly training sessions until the end of the academic year. Details to access the events can be found below. 

CONNECT and the Mobile App resources?

What functionality does CONNECT and the Mobile App provide our work-based learning and careers teams? 

Please find below (completed / upcoming webinars) a comprehensive overview of the key functionality that CONNECT offers educators to ensure all aspects of work-based learning and careers provision are managed and tracked effectively. 

Completed Training Webinars:

  • CONNECT – End Placements Early Functionality
  • CONNECT – Attendance Tracking
  • CONNECT – Home Page Statistics & Data Tables
  • CONNECT – Advertising Placement Opportunities
  • CONNECT – Internal & Proposed Placement Tracking 
  • CONNECT – Employer & Student Appraisal CRM
  • CONNECT – Careers Action Plans / Wider Careers Activity
  • CONNECT – Health & Safety Risk Management
  • CONNECT – Self-Placement Verification
  • CONNECT – Employer Database & Geolocation
  • CONNECT – Employer Engagement CRM
  • CONNECT – Automated Functionality
  • CONNECT – Data Exchange Service
  • CONNECT – A guide to getting setup
Special Showcase Webinars: 
  • CONNECT & COVID-19 (Using CONNECT during lockdown)
  • Introducing Virtual Work Experience
  • A special welcome webinar to showcase the CONNECT® Student Mobile App
  • A special welcome webinar to showcase the CONNECT® Staff Web Platform 
Note: don’t worry if you missed the webinars you can access the training resources by clicking the link below.

Click here to access the past webinars

Upcoming Webinars Training Schedule

We Stongly recommend you sign up to upcoming events

CONNECT Training Events:

  •  Placement Creation

  • Work Personality Screening & Smart Action Planning

  • Careers Activity Recording

  • Mismatched Placements / Un-provisIoned students / insufficient hours

  • Departments / Schools Navigation and Data

  • Data Exports / Placements Hours

  • CONNECT – Pathways Progress Tracker

  • Labelling / 19+ learners

  • Employer Recognition / Employer Engagement Data Analysis

  • CONNECT – Web Platform Refresher Session

  • Mobile App Refresher Session

  • Web Platform & Mobile App Showcase Event

  • Summer Development Showcase Event

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The next Webinar is on 23.02.2021

This week’s webinar will concentrate on how to create work placements within CONNECT, and how students can submit digital self-placement forms via the Student App.

Why should I attend?

1. Manual Placement Creation

2. Student Self Placement Process

3. Verifying Self Placement Applications

Click the link below to sign-up.

Reserve your place

Education & Training

We have been in touch over the past couple of weeks to book a CONNECT refresher session, if you haven’t done so already please confirm a date/time for this. Please email connect support to reserve your slot.

What have our developers been up to? 

I’ve had the pleasure to catch up with a number of clients over the past couple of weeks to complete a review of provision. I would like to catch up with all of our clients by the end of January. If you haven’t done so already, please email me directly at 

Stephen Hackney

Director / Co-founder

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