CONNECT Newsletter – 31/03/2021

A huge thank you from the CONNECT team for your support, we hope you have a well-deserved rest over the Easter Break. 
This week is all about: 

  • Supporting you as your students return to work experience
  • Showcase Webinar
  • BTEC Works Skills Approved Centre
  • Thought Leader Article Series
  • Education & Training
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Supporting you as your students return to work experience

Greetings from the Changing Education Team,

I hope you are well and surviving the tidal wave of work that is hitting every educator I know right now! If the return to onsite learning, mass testing, and new exam framework weren’t enough to keep you occupied, external work placements are also on the agenda.

The post-pandemic world is going to be even more difficult for students to leave education, and work experience will be a valuable tool in their journey into further education and the workplace. So, I hope it’ll take some weight from your shoulders to know that I can offer all the work experience support you need.

The Changing Education Group has been bringing employers, educators, and students together for twelve years. Over that time, we have created half a million work placements. We offer personal advice and support and have also created CONNECT software for staff and a mobile app for students, linked to your reporting dashboard, to take all the strain for you. In fact, a silver lining during the pandemic has been the addition of virtual work experience programmes that meet all the Ofsted and Gatsby requirements and are particularly helpful for students who cannot travel far and those with behavioural and educational difficulties.

We can get your work experience programme up and running, provide guidance on Ofsted, Gatsby, and Compass+ integration, risk management, and employer engagement while tracking and reporting on everything you and your students need.

We have recently published some thought pieces on work experience and wider careers provision as part of our thought leader series which can be found here and here.

We are excited to announce our first showcase webinar after the Easter Break.Get ConnectEd – Work Experience Relaunch made easy with CONNECT sign up information below.

In the meantime, please do contact us at with any questions. We would really love to help your students take their first step into the workplace while saving you a huge amount of time and stress.

Why should I attend?
We will explore work-based learning best practice delivery models, and what educators need to implement to ensure your work experience programmes are meaningful and maximise the outcomes for students and employers.

Key Areas.

  • Support your entire work placement programme
  • Match your students with employers
  • Provide an online dashboard with everything you need to meet Ofsted, Gatsby, and Compass+ requirements
  • Give your students an app to help find their placement, log their experience and develop a CV
  • Allow you to track and report on placements and their outcomes

We will also discuss the bridge between a virtual experience (necessitated by the pandemic) and the return to experience in the workplace.

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BTEC Work Skills Approved Centre (Pearson)

Our Project 25 Extended Work Placement team utilise the BTEC Work Skills as a relevant framework to support students who are undertaking work placements as part of a vocational learning experience. The Work Skills framework offers the students a credible framework to prepare them for the world of work and help them reflect during the course of their work placement.

WorkSkills are BTEC qualifications that are designed to develop learners’ employability skills. These qualifications can either be delivered as a core programme or can be delivered as an enhancement to other programmes. New, up-to-date Core Workskills qualifications were launched at the start of 2017. These flexible qualifications can be used with learners of all ages as either standalone or as part of a Skilled for Life programme. The Wider Workskills suite offers a range of standalone qualifications and Workskills for Effective Learning and Employment that is specifically designed to be used as part of an apprenticeship programme. (Pearson 2021)

Want to learn more? click this link

Want to find out more about Project 25 click this link

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Thought Leader Article Series

We are delighted to share with you our new reflective series, in which Changing Education Group staff reflect and share best practices on different aspects of work-based learning and career provision. 

Article Title: How virtual work experience gave me hope – if not a cuppa
Author: Amos Madra (Careers Advisor and VWEX Host for the Changing Education Group)

Sample: “Milk? Sugar? One spoon or two?”

I practiced my tea-making skills for weeks before my big work experience placement.

After all, it isn’t every day that a sport-mad 16-year-old gets the opportunity to do work experience at a bona fide football club. I was going to be shadowing employees, sitting in on meetings, assisting junior training sessions – and, yes, boiling a lot of kettles.

This was back in the olden days (you know, 13 months ago). When there was nothing unusual about planning an internship in a crowded workspace, alongside people I’d never met. I was incredibly excited.

Because ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to work in the sports industry. I’m in the school sports teams, I’m doing PE for GCSE and planning to study sports science at college. I had it all worked out…………”

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Education & Training

CONNECT Web Platform and Student App

We believe this is a great time to get a refresher session booked in for your team as we look towards the light at the end of the tunnel regarding COVID-19 and the inactivity of external work-based learning. Please click the link below to book in your staff for a CONNECT/Student App refresher session. 

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