CONNECT Newsletter – 23.04.2021

Greetings from the CONNECT Team, we hope you enjoyed the Easter break. 

This week is all about: 

  • Work Placement Relaunch Webinar (What is work experience excellence?) 
  • CONNECT Student Mobile App Showcase Webinar
  • Thought Leader Article Series

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Work Placements back on the agenda!

A huge thank you from the team to those who attended our Work-Experience Relaunch webinar this week, if you were unable to attend or would like to access the webinar recording please click this link or the event header below.

Content Timeline

  • Who are the Changing Education Group? – 00.06.41
  • What is work experience Excellence? – 00.13.56
  • What is the work placement journey? – 00.19.58
  • Guest Speaker – Challenges and Best Practice – 00.31.09
  • CONNECT Functionality – 00.40.00 

Watch the Webinar

Why not register to attend our Get ConnectEd with our Mobile App webinar next week (Tuesday 27th at 15.30)

Why should I attend?

The Changing Education team will explore how the student-facing App enables learners to effectively manage, track and communicate all aspects of work-based learning and career provision. this includes:

1. Work Placements & Self-placement submission

2. Searching/applying for placement opportunities

3. Submitting and viewing feedback and employer appraisals

5. Work personality screening, Industry Interests

6. Careers Tracker & CV Creation

8. Bespoke Programme tracker & Resources Centre

Reserve Your Place

Thought Leader Article Series

We are delighted to share with you our new reflective series, in which Changing Education Group staff reflect and share best practices on different aspects of work-based learning and career provision. 

Article Title: Let’s make this the summer we put teenagers on the path to a brighter future.
Author: Matthew Hodgkinson (Co-founder/Director of the Changing Education Group)

Sample: There has never been more pressure on teachers. Over the past year they’ve worked with kids in the classroom and those in lockdown at home – often simultaneously. They’ve had to deal with changes to exams and expectations. For the first time in history, their online lessons have allowed parents to listen-in and offer ‘constructive’ criticism. Often in real time.

And if all that wasn’t enough, those responsible for work experience have also had to adjust to Covid rules and regulations. So it is with mixed emotions that they are now preparing for the return of in-person work experience, just in time for the summer rush!

I have every sympathy. I may have founded Changing Education, but I’m also a qualified teacher, a dad, and someone whose first experience of the workplace was making beds in a hotel!

I’d be lying if I said that was an experience I enjoyed. But it was absolutely crucial in helping me understand what the workplace was all about. It’s almost impossible to make-up your mind about a career without some understanding of what’s involved. That would be like choosing a car without a test drive..………..”

Please click this link to read more. 

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Stephen Hackney

Director / Co-founder

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