CONNECT Newsletter – 19/03/2021

Friday 19th March 2021

This week is all about: 

  • CDI “Careers Development Institute” Affiliation 
  • Thought Leader Article Series
  • CONNECT Mobile App Student User Guide 
  • CONNECT Webinars 
  • Education & Training
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CDI “Careers Development Institute”

We are delighted to confrim we are an “Affiliate Member”

Our Careers Lead Joanne Green said: “The Careers and Work-based learning teams at The Changing Education Group are excited to access the rich resources provided by CDI membership. This will enable greater professional development, and inform each encounter with young people to enhance their transition into further education and employment.”

Why is this important? because the membership enables the CONNECT team to innovate and develop in accordance with best practices and up-to-date research. 

You can read more about this exciting development via our blog section by clicking this partnership announcement link.

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Thought Leader Article Series

We are delighted to share with you our new reflective series, in which Changing Education Group staff reflect and share best practices on different aspects of work-based learning and career provision. 

Launch Article Title: A silver lining………………..
Author: Joanne Green (Careers Lead CE Group)

Sample: It has been a terrible year for so many, but students have been hit particularly hard. Months at home, no social life, cancelled exams, and stress-levels at record highs. It’s been unprecedented and horrible.

The last years of school aren’t just about lessons and qualifications. They are a crucial time for self-discovery. For dreams to be created and plans put in place to realise them.

This means that lockdown, and with it, the closure of many businesses……………………………….”

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CONNECT Mobile App

Student User Guide Video

This user guide will help educate students on how to:

  1. Download, install and access the app with their unique QR code (or link).

  2. Navigate the Placement Section (Self placements submission, apply for placement opportunities, submit placement feedback, view employer feedback). 

  3. Navigate the Careers Section (CV creation, review careers interactions).

  4. Navigate the Resources Section (View employability and careers resources). 

To access the CONNECT Mobile App Student user guide please click the tab below. 

Watch the App User Guide

The next Webinar is on 23.03.2021

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Connect Software functionality, including key developments which have been designed to enhance the user journey. Through our market research phase, we have improved user functionality. 

Why should I attend?
This week we will be focusing on navigating the department/school home page, and how to access key data and reports to ensure provision is compliant. 

  • Accessing Data Reports.
  • Accessing Employer/Student Feedback 
  • Accessing Employer interactions
  • Accessing Students.
  • Accessing Appraisal CRM

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Education & Training

CONNECT Web Platform and Student App

We believe this is a great time to get a refresher session booked in for your team as we look towards the light at the end of the tunnel regarding COVID-19 and the inactivity of external work-based learning. Please click the link below to book in your staff for a CONNECT/Student App refresher session. 

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