CONNECT Newsletter – 04.05.2021

04th May 2021

Greetings from the CONNECT Team, we hope you enjoyed the Easter break. 

This week is all about: 

  • CONNECT Student Mobile App Showcase Webinar
  • CONNECT “New Tech Webinar” (BPB) Bespoke Programme Builder
  • Get ready for the new academic year, sign-up for our Partner Training Programme

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Work Placements back on the agenda!

A huge thank you from the team to those who attended our Get ConnectEd with our Mobile App webinar this week, if you were unable to attend or would like to access the webinar recording please click this link

The Changing Education team explores how the student-facing app enables learners to effectively manage, track and communicate all aspects of work-based learning and career provision. this includes:

Content Timeline

1. What is the CONNECT Mobile App? 0.50
2. Why did we create the CONNECT App? 1.40
3. How does a student access the App? 3.31
4. Work Placement Tracking. 6.33
5. Careers Programmes Tracking. 18.40 
6. Resource Centre. 29.46

Watch the Webinar

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Connect Software functionality, including key developments which have been designed to enhance the user journey. Through our market research phase, we have improved user functionality.

We are excited to share with you the New Bespoke Programme Builder Functionality giving you full control of your wider careers and work related learning programmes.

Why should I attend?

The bespoke programme builder has been designed to offer you complete control of your delivery model, allowing effective implementation and roll-out of careers and work-based learning programmes. Full integration with our Student App supports clear tracking of attainment allowing Guided learning hours to be evidenced.

  • Can we build our own virtual work experience programmes?
  • Can we build bespoke employability activities?
  • Can Ad-hoc programmes be built over an extended period?
  • Can we produce certificates for the programmes designed?
  • Can we enrol students on mass?
  • Can we see a breakdown of student engagement in all activities?
  • Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Reserve Your Place

Education and Training


Work Placements are back on the agenda and we’re here to take all the weight off your shoulders. We look forward to supporting you to get your work experience programme up and running, provide guidance on Ofsted, Gatsby, and Compass+ integration, risk management, and employer engagement while tracking and reporting on everything you and your students need.

Get ready for the new academic year, sign-up for our Partner Training Programme

Please click this link to get your team signed up.  

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