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“We are passionate about education (all of us went to school and many of us have worked in one!) ‘Connect’ is a brilliant piece of tech enabling schools, students and employers to track work experience programmes.”

Matthew Hodgkinson, Director.


An Introduction

We help schools and colleges provide purposeful, planned and safe work experience for students. We are passionate about education and understand the huge leap that many students struggle to make from the classroom to the workplace. We understand how difficult it is for a busy career professional to find and oversee appropriate, safe and productive work experience for hundreds of teenagers. We know that GATSBY, OFSTED, qualifications, logistics and, as importantly, heartfelt TLC make work experience programmes enormously time-consuming and logistically complex. We have blended our two passions – education and technology – to build the answer: an app that supports schools, colleges, students and employers, without removing the all-important human element. In one app, it connects, saves you time and money, and creates huge value for everyone involved.

How we help

Unlike many app-based businesses, we don’t leave children’s futures to algorithms. We have a large team of passionate people in place to help every school, college and employer get the very best from the opportunities available. We’ll speak to you personally, adapt the technology to meet your needs, and tweak it as we receive your feedback.
The app allows a student to develop a stream of benefits, from building an online CV to finding a role and then developing the qualifications and skills required to turn the experience into a career. In the past year, we have supported leading educators to facilitate over 100,000 placements.

“I did computer science at GCSE and in my work experience I helped build a tech company’s website” Sixth Form Student, London 

“I was getting to the giving-up point, but I managed to find a placement through the ConnectED App” Year 10 student, Birmingham

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