BESA Member (EdTech SIG – Educational Technology Special Interest Group)

Did you know the Changing Education Group is an approved member of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association)?

Did you know the Changing Education Group is a member of the EdTech SIG – Educational Technology Special Interest Group?

What is BESA?
BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association, is the trade association for the UK education suppliers’ sector. We operate on a not-for-profit basis and are accountable to an Executive Council elected by member companies.

BESA works with UK education suppliers to help maximise their export potential, regardless of their stage in their export journey. We provide practical advice, business leads, notification of tenders, market reports, a monthly newsletter, governmental links, and international exhibitions, seminars, and trade missions.
Why is this important?

BESA believes educators deserve peace of mind when they buy products from BESA members. That is why BESA ensures every company that applies to become a BESA member fulfills our rigorous membership criteria. Which Include:
• Supply the education market for a minimum of two years.
• Be able to demonstrate profitability.
• Comply with the BESA Code of Practice.
• Have a UK base and be either a UK registered company or firm based solely in the UK.
• Be subject to normal trading arrangements and commercial in outlook and operations.

What is the EdTech SIG – Educational Technology Special Interest Group?
EdTech SIG members are involved in conceiving, researching, developing, marketing, and supporting electronic, software, and technology, and learning materials for the UK’s educational market, and increasingly overseas curricula too.

They specialise in developing scientific tools, computer applications, software, and support materials to deliver professional development packages that encourage the use of ICT across education and training.

Resources, tools, equipment, and training provided by members cover all aspects of the learning and teaching journey: from teacher training, through to delivery of learning materials, then to practice experimental and revision, and to high-stakes assessment.

EdTech SIG members range from small to very large. From the provider of unique tools for learners with real dedicated needs to the provider of wide-ranging curriculum content for whole-class teaching.

Want to learn more? BESA
Want to learn more? EdTech SIG

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