Are you overpaying for Careers and Work Experience Software?

Are you overpaying for work experience provision & software?

Arrange a free audit of your software purchases and EBP spend

Are you purchasing a Careers software platform AND using a local EBP or work experience provider to source placements and manage risk assessments?

If the answer is yes, then you are most likely spending too much money.

‘Double funding’ of this type is unfortunately a common trap that some of our clients unwittingly fall into. Recent audits have revealed that some schools are purchasing additional software to manage their careers and work experience programmes whilst already having access to a software platform capable of performing the necessary tasks at no extra cost at zero cost.

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Recents audits revealed schools have either of the two following set-ups when it came to providing work experience programmes


Find out if you’re falling into this trap

'We saved £1,500 simply by using software we already had!'

One school’s story…

Back in 2019, The Changing Education Group were brought in to manage one clients’ work experience programme. As part of this service the client was granted full access to the Connect platform. However due to staffing changes within the school, the client ended up purchasing additional software to manage and track careers provision, spending a further £1500 on doing so. With school budgets so tight, it came as welcome news to the client during a recent audit that Connect does what they need and more… and it’s free!

Arrange a free audit of your software purchases and EBP spend

Already have Connect and want a refresher?

If you know your school already has a subscription to Connect but you think you might not be using it to it’s full potential. Why not arrange a FREE refresher session with one of our friendly reps? 

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