CONNECT Weekly Newsletter – 27/01/2021

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Wednesday 27th January 2021

This week is all about: 

  • Development Updates for Connect Web and Mobile App 
  • Virtual Work Experience 
  • Webinars 
  • Education & Training
In light of the current landscape, we strongly recommend your attendance at tomorrow’s Virtual WEX webinar, details to access the event can be found below. 

Dashboard Previous Years Placement Creation Tracker

What have our developers been up to? 

We are pleased to share with you the new functionality which enables more detailed information to the placement creation timeline graph located in the dashboard. The purpose of the chart is to clearly outline progress against previous academic years. We believe that this chart will act as a clear indicator of the impact COVID-19 has had on your work-based learning programmes.

This allows you to:

  • Display more data about the placement creation timeline.
  • Add additional data points to move from monthly to weekly information.
  • Update the graph to show calendar years. January on the left and December to the right. The current year will show as a dark line. All previous years for which data is available will show as lighter lines. Each year will show in the key and will highlight on hover of the key and display values upon hover of the line and points (screenshot below).
Note we will update the chart to start at the beginning of the academic year (1st September to 31st August)  

Development Update

What have our developers been up to? 

Completed and deployed – Mobile App:

  • The ability for students to download and share CVs
  • Placements ended early now update to ended rather than active
  • The ability to view and share employer appraisals 
  • The ability to search and apply for placement opportunities 

In development – Mobile App (For January release):

  • The ability to submit and view placement student feedback 
  • An enhanced Work Personality questionnaire. Redesigned for improved user experience and engagement

Completed and deployed – Web App:

  • Opportunities – Verify applications – new staff tracking functionality 
  • Multiple minor updates throughout CONNECT (x10)

In development – Web App:

  • New filters on status tables.
  • Add a mandatory field to the Risk Assessment to submit next visit required date.
  • Ability to send student health updates to the employer.
  • Turn the attendance ticks to actual times which can be edited.
  • Ability to add multiple students to a placement.
  • Ability to remember the last hour’s input at placement creation to auto show on next placement creation.
  • Bespoke email/document service.

As part of our ongoing commitment to you, we have extended the Employer Engagement and Placement Opportunities CRM bolt-on for all of our clients for 6 months at no additional cost. 

Click the links below to access the webinar video user guides. 

How Advertise Placement Opportunities
Navigating the Employer Engagement CRM

Introducing Virtual Work-Experience…

Virtual Work Experience Showcase

The Changing Education team have been working hard to develop a meaningful virtual work experience programme in partnership with multiple colleges, most recently Croydon & Coulsdon college. Please take a couple of minutes to watch the above video in preparation for our webinar which will showcase a meaningful outcomes focussed approach in action. 

Reserve your place

CONNECT – Attendance Tracking

This week’s webinar will focus on placement attendance management and tracking. We will explore how staff members can utilise CONNECT to log daily attendance via the tracking tools. In addition, we will explore the automated attendance functionality, and how the employer appraisals can be utilised to log placement attendance.

Key Points:

1. Placement attendance tracking tool

2. Daily attendance tracker

3. Hours completed tracker

4. Automated attendance functionality

5. Employer appraisal attendance

6. Exports and reporting on complete attendance

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Our future events

Tuesday 9th Febuary 2021 / 15:30 – 16:15 BST

CONNECT – End Placements Early Functionality

This week’s webinar will focus on end placement early functionality. We will explore how staff can tag a placement as ending early with clear justification and actual hours completed. The session will also focus on the functionality that enables staff to mark placements as not starting or the student failed to attend to ensure placement activity reporting is concise.

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Tuesday 29th Febuary 2021 / 15:30 – 16:15 BST

CONNECT – Placement Creation

This week’s webinar will concentrate on how create work placements within CONNECT, and how students can submit digital self placement forms via the Student App.

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Missed a webinar? 

Don’t worry if you didn’t have the chance to catch any previous webinar.  
You can access them all on-demand via our website. 

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Education & Training

We have been in touch over the past couple of weeks to book a CONNECT refresher session, if you haven’t done so already please confirm a date/time for this. Please email connect support to reserve your slot.

What have our developers been up to? 

I’ve had the pleasure to catch up with a number of clients over the past couple of weeks to complete a review of provision. I would like to catch up with all of our clients by the end of January. If you haven’t done so already, please email me directly at 

Stephen Hackney

Director / Co-founder

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